Peer-Reviewed Publications

Journal Articles

Can automated feedback improve teachers’ uptake of student ideas? evidence from a randomized controlled trial in a large-scale online course

Dorottya Demszky, Jing Liu, Heather C Hill, Dan Jurafsky, Chris Piech

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, SAGE Publications Sage CA: Los Angeles, CA, 2023, p. 01623737231169270

Who refers whom? The effects of teacher characteristics on disciplinary office referrals

Michael S Hayes, Jing Liu, Seth Gershenson

Economics of Education Review, vol. 93, Elsevier, 2023, p. 102376

JUE Insight: From referrals to suspensions: New evidence on racial disparities in exclusionary discipline

Jing Liu, Michael S Hayes, Seth Gershenson

Journal of Urban Economics, Academic Press, 2022, p. 103453

More than shortages: The unequal distribution of substitute teaching

Jing Liu, Susanna Loeb, Ying Shi

Education Finance and Policy, vol. 17, MIT Press One Rogers Street, Cambridge, MA 02142-1209, USA journals-info~…, 2022, pp. 285--308

Measuring teaching practices at scale: A novel application of text-as-data methods

Jing Liu, Julie Cohen

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, vol. 43, SAGE Publications Sage CA: Los Angeles, CA, 2021, pp. 587--614

The short-and long-run impacts of secondary school absences

Jing Liu, Monica Lee, Seth Gershenson

Journal of Public Economics, vol. 199, Elsevier, 2021, p. 104441

Engaging teachers: Measuring the impact of teachers on student attendance in secondary school

Jing Liu, Susanna Loeb

Journal of Human Resources, vol. 56, University of Wisconsin Press, 2021, pp. 343--379

Projecting the potential impact of COVID-19 school closures on academic achievement

Megan Kuhfeld, James Soland, Beth Tarasawa, Angela Johnson, Erik Ruzek, Jing Liu

Educational Researcher, vol. 49, SAGE Publications Sage CA: Los Angeles, CA, 2020, pp. 549--565

Admission mechanisms and the mismatch between colleges and students: Evidence from a large administrative dataset from China

Shiyu Bo, Jing Liu, Ji-Liang Shiu, Yan Song, Sen Zhou

Economics of Education Review, vol. 68, Pergamon, 2019, pp. 27--37

Differing views of equity: How prospective educators perceive their role in closing achievement gaps

Emily K Penner, Jane Rochmes, Jing Liu, Sabrina M Solanki, Susanna Loeb

RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, vol. 5, RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 2019, pp. 103--127

Using a text-as-data approach to understand reform processes: A deep exploration of school improvement strategies

Min Sun, Jing Liu, Junmeng Zhu, Zachary LeClair

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, vol. 41, SAGE Publications Sage CA: Los Angeles, CA, 2019, pp. 510--536

Connections Matter: How Interactive Peers Affect Students in Online College Courses

Eric Bettinger, Jing Liu, Susanna Loeb

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, vol. 35, 2016, pp. 932--954

Conference Proceedings

M-Powering Teachers: Natural Language Processing Powered Feedback Improves 1:1 Instruction and Student Outcomes

Dorottya Demszky, Jing Liu

L@S '23: Proceedings of the Tenth ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale, 2023 , pp. 59-69

Computationally Identifying Funneling and Focusing Questions in Classroom Discourse

Sterling Alic, Dorottya Demszky, Zid Mancenido, Jing Liu, Heather Hill, Dan Jurafsky

Ekaterina Kochmar, Jill Burstein, Andrea Horbach, Ronja Laarmann-Quante, Nitin Madnani, Ana{\"\i}s Tack, Victoria Yaneva, Zheng Yuan, Torsten Zesch, Proceedings of the 17th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications (BEA 2022), Association for Computational Linguistics, Seattle, Washington, 2022 Jul, pp. 224--233

Measuring Conversational Uptake: A Case Study on Student-Teacher Interactions

Dorottya Demszky, Jing Liu, Zid Mancenido, Julie Cohen, Heather Hill, Dan Jurafsky, Tatsunori Hashimoto

Chengqing Zong, Fei Xia, Wenjie Li, Roberto Navigli, Proceedings of the 59th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 11th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (Volume 1: Long Papers), Association for Computational Linguistics, Online, 2021 Aug, pp. 1638--1653


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